Geert Heijink Photography
Mykolaiv, South-Ukra to Crimea, South-Ukr deserted plant on Cr Vorontsov Palace, Cr Sevastopol at sunset guards at the Voront near Vorontsov Palac German War Cemetery, The harbour of Odess close to the harbour Potemkin stairs, Ode Odessa, Ukraine in the streets of Od Odessa, Ukraine Park Tarasa Shevchen Park Tarasa Shevsche Kiev, Ukrain Kiev, monastery Babi Yar, Kiev Dnjepr river, Kiev a Park near the Dnje Tarasa Shevschenka B Near Park Babi Yar, Bessarabska square, Kreschatyk street, K Kreschatyk, Kiev Shovkovychna Street, outside museum of th museum of the great outside the War Muse
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